jQuery Unobtrusive Validation of dates in Chrome: US vs GB format

UPDATE 31 Jan 2013: We have encountered this issue after we have updated our MVC3 project to MVC5. A year ago we have moved MVC3 to MVC4. And suddenly Chrome started to insist on incorrect date format, but everywhere else we have set Globalise locale to be en-Gb. The only other alternative was to disable date validations which can also work – I trust server side validation more than I trust JavaScript ;-)

Today I came across the magical problem in Chrome – it ignores locale information for date format. So it always uses US format: “mm/dd/yyyy”. But largest part of the world is not using this messed up month-first approach (wink-wink).

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Disable unobtrusive validation on per-element basis in ASP.Net MVC

Sometimes you just don’t want a validation on your form elements, but the framework just adds the validation automatically, cause it is too clever. To disable the validation on one element, pass html parameter data_val=false to your controller and JavaScript will ignore the that field. Example:

@Html.DropDownList("documentId", new SelectList(ViewBag.MetaTags, "Value", "Text"), new {data_val=false})