Windows Terminal

I’ve been reinstalling all my machines a few times in the last month (because reasons). These times are always a good reason to review your tools, change and upgrade.

Recently I’ve been hearing about Windows Terminal and decided to give it a go. Prior to that I’ve been using ConEmu, but I never been a fan of it for some reason and lately I’ve noticed it was becoming slower and slower to load. Also amount of configurable options always gave me a slight anxiety as I could never find options I’m after.

Turns out Windows Terminal is a pretty good implementation from Microsoft – it does the basics that I wanted: multiple tabs and sane Copy-Paste shortcuts. As a bonus you can change colour schemes. There is no option to do transparency (there is acrylicOpacity that is similar, but gets disabled by Windows when window looses focus, so beats the purpose). Otherwise I did not need to install ConEmu.

As a bonus, to start Windows Terminal from Run As window – all you need is wt command:

Also I love Matrix colour scheme with black background and lime-green text. Here are quick links to documentation on how to use settings and what options are available.
So here is my configuration for my own future installs and for you to get ideas from: