Visual Studo Shortcuts as in Eclipse

Using both Eclipse and Visual Studio can be a pain, when it comes to shortcuts.
In VS you can change shortcuts here: Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard

Change the following:
Delete line: Edit.lineDelete -> Ctrl + D
Comment line: Edit.CommentSelection -> Ctrl + /
Uncomment line: Edit.UnCommentSelection -> Ctrl + Shift + /
Goto Definition: Edit.GoToDefinition -> F3
Goto Navigation Bar: Window.MovetoNavigationBar -> Ctrl + #

To be able to move lines up and down like in Eclipse (alt + up; alt + down) you’ll need to create 2 macros:

    Sub MoveLineUp()
    End Sub

    Sub MoveLineDown()
    End Sub

then the same way you change shortcuts in VS, find “moveLineUp” and “moveLineDown” and assign Alt + UP and Alt + Down.
Alternatively install Productivity Power Tools that provide Edit.MoveLineUp and Edit.MoveLineDown

I’ll keep updating as it comes along.

Shortcuts in Eclipse

Ctrl + Shift + R Open any file quickly
Ctrl + Shift + T Open a type
Ctrl + T go to super type of the class
Ctrl + O Go directly to a member (method, variable) of a class file
Ctrl + Shift + ↓ or Ctrl + Shift + ↑ navigate between methods in class
ALT + Up/Down Arrow move selected string up or down
Ctrl + L jump to line number
CTRL + D Delete row.
Ctrl + Q go to last edit place
Ctrl + E or CTRL+F6 go to open editors
Ctrl + . and Ctrl + , Move between issues in editor
F3 go to type declaration
CTRL+SHIFT+O Organize imports
CTRL+1 It activates the quick fix
CTRL+F7 Move between views
CTRL+F8 Move between perspectives.
CTRL + F11 Runs the application.
CTRL + M Maximize or umaximize current tab.
CTRL + I Corrects indentation.
CTRL + SHIFT + F Formats code.
CTRL + J Incremental search.
CTRL + SHIFT + L Shows you a list of your currently defined shortcut keys.

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Using Eclipse for PHP development with SVN

  1. Download Eclipse for PHP from here:
  2. Unpack it for into your working folder.
  3. Launch it. For the first time it will ask a few questions about working folders, etc.
  4. Now you need to install Subclipse (SVN client integrated in Eclipse)
    • Help -> Install New Software -> Add -> Type “Subclipse” for name and “” for URL.
    • Select all the options of available plugins
    • Agree with all the questions it is going to ask you -)
  5. Create SVN repository. In Linux issue command svnadmin create /path/to/reppo
  6. Now need to link existing repository with Subclipse: In Eclipse switch to SVN pane, right click on white space under Repositories and select New -> Repository. As URL give it this: file:////C:path/to/svn_reppo/ Important to get correct number of forward slashes!!
  7. Create new PHP project and commit it to the repository: Right click on Project -> Team -> Share Project. Select SVN and choose the repository you have just created. This will commit first version of the project.
  8. To commit files/project do right click on the file/folder -> Team -> Commit -> add notes