Keyboard Shortcuts for Git in Visual Studio

For my day-to-day tasks, I use Visual Studio almost 80% of my working time. About 99% of my work I commit to git and push to server. This is a lot of commits per day. And Git interface in Visual Studio is very clicky, very mousy. So I spent some time trying to improve this by researchign and adding shortcuts. Here is what I got for the most used actions:

In Keyboard configurationof VS assign the following actions to the following commands

  • Team.Git.GoToGitChanges => Ctrl+G, C (Global) => Opens Team Explorer and switches to Changes view.
  • Team.Git.CommitAndPush => Ctrl+G, P (Team Explorer) => Once the commit message is done – you can slam that to get commited and pushed to the server.
  • Team.Git.Commit => Alt+Enter (Team Explorer) => This mimmicks shortcuts in VSCode

I’m playing a bit more with these and will report here if I come up with any improvements, but so far this makes it all slightly faster.

Also for keyboard shortcuts, namespaces Team.Git.GoTo* is worth exploring for navigation options. And Team.Git.* is just worth looking for options that you do with Git in Visual Studio.