Shortcuts in Eclipse

Ctrl + Shift + R Open any file quickly
Ctrl + Shift + T Open a type
Ctrl + T go to super type of the class
Ctrl + O Go directly to a member (method, variable) of a class file
Ctrl + Shift + ↓ or Ctrl + Shift + ↑ navigate between methods in class
ALT + Up/Down Arrow move selected string up or down
Ctrl + L jump to line number
CTRL + D Delete row.
Ctrl + Q go to last edit place
Ctrl + E or CTRL+F6 go to open editors
Ctrl + . and Ctrl + , Move between issues in editor
F3 go to type declaration
CTRL+SHIFT+O Organize imports
CTRL+1 It activates the quick fix
CTRL+F7 Move between views
CTRL+F8 Move between perspectives.
CTRL + F11 Runs the application.
CTRL + M Maximize or umaximize current tab.
CTRL + I Corrects indentation.
CTRL + SHIFT + F Formats code.
CTRL + J Incremental search.
CTRL + SHIFT + L Shows you a list of your currently defined shortcut keys.

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