Ignore test categories in TFS build server using DefaultTemplate.xaml

At the moment I’m using excellent service from Microsoft: hosted TFS. The service is still in the preview (15 July 2013) and some features are in beta, but it works pretty smoothly already. One of the things I had to learn is how to use TFS as a build server. I’ve used to nice TeamCity with almost drag-and-drop build steps and simple configuration management. TFS is using XAML definition file to drive the build process. The default template that comes with any project is pretty much covers everything you might need when you start, but it is very complex and when you try looking on the XAML diagram, you might want to run away – it’s that big and complex. That’s what I did first time I looked on the XAML processes. Run away and installed TeamCity.

Now I’ve decided to give it another go. I’ve started from enabling nUnit tests on build server. By default TFS only works with MSTest. To enable nUnit, you need to add nUnit assemblies and nUnit to MSTest adapter to your source control. The process is perfectly described in this post by Ajay Majgaonkar. I’ve also seen the description of the process in some Microsoft documentation, but have lost the link.

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