How to speed up Vista

  1. Use Autoruns from Sysinternal and switch off all the items that start up with the system.
  2. Use CCleaner to clean out the crap.
  3. Defrag the hard drive.
  4. Remove all the graphics effects.
  5. Install Service Pack 2 and all the latest updates.
  6. Increase size of Swap-file: fist switch off swapping altogether, restart. Select different drive from Windows for Swap-file. Make swap 2+Gb in size.
  7. Switch off services:
    • Computer Browser
    • Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
    • Distributed Link Tracking Client
    • IP Helper
    • Offline Files
    • Portable Device Enumerator Service
    • Program Compatibility Assistant Service
    • ReadyBoost
    • Table PC Input Service
    • WebClient
    • Windows Error Reporting Service

Note: Do not disable Network Location Awareness service. Without it network does not work.