Mercurial sample config file

taken from here:

; System-wide Mercurial config file.
; !!! Do Not Edit This File !!!
; This file will be replaced by the installer on every upgrade.
; Editing this file can cause strange side effects on Vista.
; To change settings you see in this file, override (or enable) them in
; your user Mercurial.ini file, where USERNAME is your Windows user name:
; XP or older – C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Mercurial.ini
; Vista or later – C:\Users\USERNAME\Mercurial.ini

; editor used to enter commit logs, etc. Most text editors will work.
editor = notepad
; show changed files and be a bit more verbose if True
; verbose = True

; username data to appear in commits
; it usually takes the form: Joe User
; username = Joe User

; In order to push/pull over ssh you must specify an ssh tool
;ssh = “C:\Progra~1\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoisePlink.exe” -ssh -2
;ssh = C:\cygwin\bin\ssh

; For more information about mercurial extensions, start here
; Extensions shipped with Mercurial
;acl =
;alias =
;bookmarks =
;bugzilla =
;children =
;churn =
;color =
;convert =
;extdiff =
;fetch =
;gpg =
;graphlog =
;hgcia =
;hgk =
;highlight =
;interhg =
;keyword =
;mq =
;notify =
;pager =
;parentrevspec =
;patchbomb =
;purge =
;rebase =
;record =
;transplant =
;win32mbcs =
;win32text =
;zeroconf =

; To use cleverencode/cleverdecode, you must enable win32text extension

; Encode files that don’t contain NUL characters.

; ** = cleverencode:

; Alternatively, you can explicitly specify each file extension that
; you want encoded (any you omit will be left untouched), like this:

; *.txt = dumbencode:

; Decode files that don’t contain NUL characters.

; ** = cleverdecode:

; Alternatively, you can explicitly specify each file extension that
; you want decoded (any you omit will be left untouched), like this:

; **.txt = dumbdecode:

; If you enable win32text filtering, you will want to enable this
; line as well to allow patching to work correctly.

; eol = crlf

; Define external diff commands
;cmd.bc3diff = C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BCompare.exe
;cmd.vdiff = C:\Progra~1\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoiseMerge.exe
;cmd.vimdiff = gvim.exe
;opts.vimdiff = -f ‘+next’ ‘+execute “DirDiff “.argv(0).” “.argv(1)’

; Replace the following with your path to hgk, uncomment it and
; install ActiveTcl (or another win32 port like tclkit)
; path=”C:\Program Files\Mercurial\Contrib\hgk.tcl”
; vdiff=vdiff

; The git extended diff format can represent binary files, file
; permission changes, and rename information that the normal patch format
; cannot describe. However it is also not compatible with tools which
; expect normal patches. so enable git patches at your own risk.
;git = false
;nodates = false

# Some default global settings for common merge tools

kdiff3.args=–auto –L1 base –L2 local –L3 other $base $local $other -o $output

gvimdiff.args=–nofork -d -g -O $local $other $base




tkdiff.args=$local $other -a $base -o $output

xxdiff.args=–show-merged-pane –exit-with-merge-status –title1 local –title2 base –title3 other –merged-filename $output –merge $local $base $other

diffmerge.args=–nosplash –merge –title1=base –title2=local –title3=other $base $local $other

p4merge.args=$base $local $other $output

tortoisemerge.args=/base:$base /mine:$local /theirs:$other /merged:$output

ecmerge.args=$base $local $other –mode=merge3 –title0=base –title1=local –title2=other –to=$output
ecmerge.regkey=Software\Elli\xc3\xa9 Computing\Merge

filemerge.args=-left $other -right $local -ancestor $base -merge $output

beyondcompare3.args=$local $other $base $output /ro /lefttitle=local /centertitle=base /righttitle=other /automerge /reviewconflicts /solo
beyondcompare3.regkey=Software\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3

winmerge.args=/e /u /dl local /dr other /wr $local $other $output

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard – change slider to scroll

MS Ergonomic Keyboard has very nice slider between hands. Unfortunately this slider by default is set to be zoom option. It would be infinitely more useful to assign scroll to this, so you don’t have to move your hand to mouse every time you need to scroll your web-page.
To change the slider function follow the instructions:

  1. Go to c:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\ (This is the usual place where the keyboard software is installed, could be different on your computer)
  2. Find commands.xml
  3. This file is a mapping file for keyboard, it says what each key will do in different applications.
  4. There are many occurances of C319 Type=”6″ and C320 Type=”6″. Usually they look like this: <C319 Type=”6″ Activator=”ZoomIn” />.
  5. Replace all ZoomIn and ZoomOut for ScrollUp and ScrollDown

Or just download the file commands.xml

VS 2010 Build problem

Sometimes Visual Studio is playing silly buggers and does not let you rebuild your C# project.
For avoiding this follow the instructions:
Project properties => Build Events
in Pre-build event put this:
if exist “$(TargetPath)” move “$(TargetPath)” “$(TargetPath).delete.%random%”
in Post-build event put this:
del “$(TargetPath).delete.*”

Problem solved

Disable skype home screen

Надоели “выскакивания” Skype при старте компа?
Skype как всегда страдает отсуствием нужных настроек. Со времени последнего апдейта (у меня это если он стоит в автозапуске при старте компа, постоянно “выпрыгивает” Skype-Home. Надоело? Тогда читайте дальше.

Настроек для отключения этой фигни, естественно, нет. Поэтому придется покопаться грязными ручками в базах данных самого Skype. Дело это ответственное, поэтому лучше понимать, что делаешь. Ну, или как минимум, делать в точности то, что описано. За проблемы, возникшие в ходе описанных действий, я ответственности не несу! :)

1. Отключаем Skype. Чтоб запущен не был.
2. Первым делом, скачиваем маленькую программу SQLite Database Browser. Она маленькая, установки не требует. Нужно только распаковать скачанный ZIP.

3. Идем на локальном компе в папочку “%APPDATA%\Skype\shared_dynco”, находим файл db.db. Делаем его копию на всякий случай (я ее назвал original_db.db).
4. Запускаем SQLite Database Browser и открываем вышеупомянутый файл db.db. Переходим на таб “Browse Data”, выбираем в списке таблицу “bupdate”.
5. Рядом с именем таблицы жмем синенькую кнопочку поиска, в открывшемся окне вводим “uri”, “contains” и “webapp”. Жмем поиск, находится только одна запись, переходим на нее.
6. Жмем двойным кликом на поле “body” этой записи и удаляем все содержимое тега webapps (выделено на картинке), сам тег должен остаться.
7. Говорим “Apply changes”, сохраняем базу и закрываем программу.