This blog is a collection of technical solutions that I had to resolve. I just write this down for myself in case I need to come back to them again.
I want to share the solutions, in case somebody else is trying to resolve the same problem.

Also I’ll post up photos of laptops I’m working on.. somebody may use them for their reference.

  • olafusimichael

    Thanks for your very useful how-to and troubleshooting posts. Your post on uploading large files to Azure storage was very helpful. I’m a newbie in the .Net and Azure world, getting help online hasn’t been as easy as I thought. Most of what I get from google search are msdn articles that not usually helpful and are very boring to read.

    • I’m glad my writing was useful!

  • JustMe


    I’ve stumbled upon your blog while learning Asp.Net identity 2.0. I liked very much some of the articles you wrote on Asp.Net identity, so I was wondering if you could help me clarify few things still confusing me?

    I completely understand if you don’t have the time to help me, in which case I apologize for bothering you with this

    Cheers mate

    • Sure, fire away with the question.

      • JustMe


        If possible, can I ask it in private ( ie via email: )? If you don’t find questions dumb, we can still repost them here

        cheers mate